Bible- He Heals The Broken Heart Psalm 147:3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

He Heals The Broken Heart
Psalm 147:3

Ask me if I got a BF? I will say yes.

Ask me if I love him so much? I will say yes. 

Ask me how is our relationship going on? I will say it's complicated. 

Ask me why? Because he got another GF. 

Ask me how do I know? Because I saw it and he admitted it. 

Ask me do I still love him? Yes,I do. 

Ask me why I still choose to stick with him? Because I got no reason to leave him. Say to me that I am stupid.I will accept it. 

Say to me that are plenty guy out there.I know. 

Ask me why I'm still being loyal to him? Because I know someday I will found out a guy who did the same thing like what I did today. 

Ask me when I end this relationship? As the time come and God ask me to leave. 

Ask me what do I hope for? I hope that God will see how much I love in Him and one day He will give me MY BEST MAN EVER and I know there will be a better plan for me one day.I just need a time. 

Ask me how about my feeling and my heart? Yes.Im broken inside. 

Ask me why I still hang into this relationship even I will get hurt? Because I know God will heals me.Inside out. 


P/s : Sometimes a smart person can be a really stupid pal when he/she fall in love.

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